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Legacy archive

The hundreds of intensity and polarization maps of PRISM will constitute a legacy archive useful for almost all branches of astronomy for decades to come. Combining low resolution spectrometer data and high resolution images from the imager, PRISM will effectively deliver a full spectro-polarimetric survey of the complete sky from 50 μm to 1 cm. The spectral resolution will range from about 0.5 GHz to 15 GHz at 1.4° angular resolution, and from δν/ν ≈ 0.025 to 0.25 at the diffraction limit of a 3.5 m telescope (from ∼ 6 to 17 ). We will build and make public full-sky maps of the absolute temperature of the CMB (at a resolution of about 2 arc-minutes with a sensitivity of order μK or better per resolution element), of the emission of all galactic components in absolute intensity and polarization (including main spectral lines), and several catalogues of various galactic and extragalactic objects, among which a catalogue of about a million of galaxy clusters and large groups up to redshift z = 3 or more.